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Thank you so much for viewing our online site.

The care of plants, animals &, of course, people, through the care of Earth’s soil, water, and air, is important to us.

We currently package our products in saved and recycled paper, bubble wrap, packets or boxes, wherever possible.

It may not look fancy but no unnecessary environmental toxins were further created to get your parcel to you.

Our Invoices and printed flyers are made from FSC or recycled paper.

We kindly, ask our Customers to recycle, in whatever way best suits them, the packaging we have sent.

What cannot be put into their council recycling system, we hope and encourage them to re-use.

We are, also, more than happy if they could be so dedicated, to pass on any bubble wrap or packets that cannot yet be commercially recycled, either back to ourselves next we meet, or to others that can make good reuse out of them.  We have no need to buy plastic packaging and if we ever run out of our saved material we will be sourcing biodegradable and environmentally sustainable materials in the future.

 Thank you, for your understanding & support.

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